Executive and Management Staff

Executive Staff

Executive Director, Carol McKinney

Carol McKinney began working with people with developmental disabilities in 1976 when she was a high school volunteer in a Special Day Class. It was during that time Carol realized her lifework would be to advocate for and provide services to people with developmental disabilities. Carol’s plan was to teach; however, while working her way through college as an aide in a Special Day Class she realized the classroom was not for her; the community was where she wanted to be. Carol co-founded Harmony Home, Associated in 1982. Carol’s education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis on Special Education, from San Francisco State University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from St. Mary’s College. Carol’s past and present professional affiliations include the Contra Costa County Developmental Disabilities Council, Regional Center of the East Bay Provider/Vendor Advisory Council, Mt. Diablo Adult Education On Track Advisory Committee, California Disability Services Association, Co-Chair of the California Supported Living Network (CSLN), Co-Chair of Governmental Affairs for CSLN, California Association of Non-Profits, and California Chamber of Commerce.


Director of Independent Living Services, Candace Sprecher

"I love teaching our clients to care for themselves, and I am dedicated to supporting our ILS Instructors so they may assist each of their clients with developing a full life."

Candace was a Child Development major in College. In December 1986, she took her children, ages 2 and 4, to Sun Valley Mall to visit Santa Claus. As they entered the mall they noticed an elementary school of special education students waiting in line to visit Santa. As she stood in line behind these children, she noticed they expressed the same enthusiasm and emotion for the holiday season as her own children. This visit to Santa changed the course of her life.

Candace worked as a Special Education Assistant in the Mt. Diablo School District from 1989 through 1997. Ready for new challenges, she opened a Home Daycare Center specializing in infants with special needs. She was licensed by the Contra Costa Childcare Council and had more referrals than she could take. When her oldest son was leaving for college in 2001, Candace joined Harmony Home. In her five years as an ILS Instructor, she developed a Nutrition Instructional Manual, The Harmony Home Dump and Stir Cookbook, a Phonics Reading Program, along with numerous teaching tools, all of which are used by our clients to date. Candace was promoted to Assistant Director of ILS in the fall of 2006 and to Director of ILS in January 2009. She is a member of the Contra Costa County Transitional Task Force.

Candace enjoys hiking, home decorating, and time spent with her husband and family. She is an avid dog lover and exercise enthusiast.



Management Staff


Supported Living Supervisors

Elizabeth Anderson

"I have great satisfaction knowing that my work is making a difference in the lives of many people with physical and developmental disabilities."

Elizabeth Anderson is a Supported Living Services (SLS) Supervisor based in east and central Contra Costa County with more than a decade of “hands on” and management experience. Elizabeth has been part of Harmony Home, Associated for five years. Prior to her current position as a Supported Living Supervisor, Elizabeth was originally hired as an Independent Living Services (ILS) Instructor. In the position of ILS Instructor, Elizabeth seized the opportunity to grow professionally, supervising and coordinating teams while utilizing person-centered planning tools to develop truly individualized services. Elizabeth was promoted to the position of SLS Supervisor in 2006.

Prior to working with Harmony Home, Associated, Elizabeth worked in Adult Day Program settings and managed 5 ICF-DDN/H homes. Her career has focused on working with adults, most of whom have developmental disabilities.

Elizabeth and her husband love working on their car restoration projects, GEO Caching, reading and spending quality time with good friends and family.