Supported Living Services

Harmony Home offers Supported Living Services (SLS) to people who choose to live in their own home within the community, yet require increased support systems to reach their potential for independence. Individuals interested in this service may be living with family, in a board and care home, or other supervised setting and would like to move into their own home. Others may already be living in their own home, utilizing a service that provides fewer supports, such as Independent Living, and find that their needs have increased and are no longer being met.

A comprehensive assessment is conducted to determine the person’s abilities, needs and preferences. Skill areas assessed are Self-help, Personal, Domestic, Financial, Community Awareness and Health and Safety. Other areas of assessment include risk factors, medical, responsibility and motivation, generic resources, natural supports, 24-hour emergency response needs, and adaptive/assistive equipment needs.

A Circle of Support is created and a service plan is developed, with the person, based on their needs and preferences. The basic principles of Supported Living dictate the process. Supported living offers a vast range of services that may include 24-hour support. Services are reviewed semi-annually and adapted to meet the changing needs and desires of the individual.