History of Harmony Home

Harmony Home, Associated was founded in 1982, as a small group home supporting five people, with a philosophy of providing an environment where people could live comfortably, be safe and enjoy a life similar to their peers without disabilities. Harmony Home was established as a non-profit organization in 1984.

It became increasingly obvious that the community in Contra Costa County was void of opportunities for people to live outside of congregate settings, so in 1990 Harmony Home opened an Independent Living Service (ILS) agency. Within one month of opening, Harmony Home had over 100 referrals to ILS.

ILS provided an opportunity for people to gain their independence and live within the community, but it did not offer an avenue for those with greater support needs. Harmony Home was asked to participate in a federally funded pilot project, Community Supported Living Arrangements (CSLA). If successful, this project would open up a new world for people who would otherwise only know life in an institution. The duration of the project was five years and resulted in what is now Supported Living Services (SLS).

Currently, Harmony Home provides ILS to approximately 250 people, and SLS to 24. The small group home was recently transferred to another non-profit organization and continues to be successful and follow the same philosophy. We feel fortunate to have had the opportunities presented to us over the years and to be a part of California’s service system, for people with developmental disabilities, that is second to none.